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About CompleteCase.com

Founded in 2000, CompleteCase.com is the most trusted and experienced divorce preparation service on the web. We’ve helped more than 700,000 users to avoid the stress and costs of the typical divorce process.

There’s no question—a hostile divorce is damaging to families, children, and bank accounts. But if a couple can reach an agreement and skip the lawyers, they can save their children from much of this turmoil and save a lot of money in the process—money that can benefit them and their children.

At CompleteCase.com, our vision is to help those in uncontested divorces to resolve cases in an accurate, inexpensive, and efficient way. Our innovative site is the first of its kind, enabling users to prepare their divorce forms online and avoid expensive attorney fees or confusing divorce kits or books. Our site walks you through the online forms system and produces quality, state-specific divorce documents complete with simple directions on how to file in accordance with the applicable laws. The service is discreet, easy, and inexpensive. How can you beat that?

Hundreds of thousands of couples have already resolved their divorces through CompleteCase.com.

The concept and software behind CompleteCase.com are currently in patent-pending status with the US Patent Office.

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What You’ll Save

A divorce lawyer will charge you about $200 per hour for a typical uncontested divorce—leaving a $1,500–$3,000 bill that you don’t need on your doorstep. CompleteCase beats that—by a long shot.

Our divorce services cost only $299, with no additional fees for children, assets, or minor alterations to your case.

You’ll save 80–90% using CompleteCase!

Recent Feedback

My actual attorney told me to use this company. I couldn't afford even a simple divorce so he told me about this company. Apparently they're the most experienced company and the best, etc. I didn't really care about any of that, just wanted it to be easy. Well, it was. I guess they are the best!

Jay, Pennsylvania